Growing WP by Reducing Complexity and Fragmentation

Gabriel Mays –

We’ll discuss 1) the nature of WordPress growth, 2) how reducing complexity & fragmentation are keys to accelerating growth and 3) walk through examples of this with Gutenberg.

What’s in it for you?

Develop a better understanding of WordPress growth and the direction WordPress is going so you can:
– Users: Make better decisions for your own website.
– Freelancers & Agencies: Make better decisions for client projects.
– Plugin & Theme Developers: Make better decisions for your business.


Gabriel A. Mays is Head of WordPress at GoDaddy and has been using WordPress for over 10 years. Previously, he was a Captain in the Marine Corps. A combat veteran, he spent two years between Iraq and Afghanistan operating on small, embedded teams. Gabe left the Marine Corps to found two WordPress-based startups before joining GoDaddy. Gabe is an avid real estate investor and is married to Corrie, his wife of 11 years, who flew F/A-18 Hornets in the Marine Corps and served as #8 on the Blue Angels. She now owns the Plum Porch gift shop on Cape Cod where they live and raise their son, Maverick.


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