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How to Feed Your Marketing Automation Tool — Content Marketing for the New Owner

Rob MacDonald –

So you bought into Hubspot (or similar marketing automation tool). Now what? Learn to feed your Hubspot implementation with the type, frequency and format of content it needs to stay healthy and serve you properly. Follow simple, step-by-step instructions on using the Content Marketing Model to guide your creation of effective content on a consistent basis. Dry Content or Wet? Understand what types of content to use when, where, and how to share relevant content that both humans and search engines will eat up


Rob Macdonald is principal of Robroy Media Company in Boston, a full-service content strategy, development and implementation provider. A pioneer in content marketing, Rob co-founded Smith Content in 1998 as the first company wholly focused on developing web content for web developers, marketers and business leaders. Rob has been virtual marketing director for B2B organizations, a content marketing instructor, and an award-winning journalist who was recognized for business-building storytelling with over 75 business. Rob is passionate about voice, story, mission, vision and content marketing, as well as teaching fellow marketers how to feed and care for the implementation of their marketing automation tool of choice.

Contact Rob at or 410/935-2931.


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