Windows 10 for WordPress Development

Windows 10 for WordPress Development

Dave Ross –

I noticed something funny the other day. My favorite coffee shop is always full of freelancers, developers, and writers. There’s been fewer glowing white fruit logos lately, replaced by the thin slabs of Microsoft flagship tablets. Developers are noticing how capably Windows 10 meets the demands of modern web development and how it makes an enticing alternative to competing platforms.

Learn more, including:

* Developing using Microsoft’s powerful cross-platform Visual Studio Code

* Installing software from the command-line with the Chocolatey package manager

* Feeling more at home in Windows through Cygwin/MSYS2

* Using actual Linux on Windows with Docker and Vagrant

* Running Linux binaries natively with the new Windows Subsystem for Linux


Dave Ross fell in love with the web in 1996 and has been crafting web sites and online experiences since. He draws from almost two decades of professional software development experience and leadership training from the Disney Institute to empower developers to succeed at their projects and careers. Dave currently works as an Associate Director of Engineering at 10up, a leading web agency whose client roster is a testament to WordPress’s ability to scale from a personal blog to custom enterprise publishing systems.

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