Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Building a Productized Design Agency that was Acquired for 7 Figures

Sam Brodie –

This will be a business-oriented talk where I will cover the following topics:
– What is productizing? (And why productizing is key for design agencies)
– Why you should choose a niche (discussion of the marketing, SEO, and sales benefits of choosing a niche)
– How to narrow your offering (discussion of packaging repeatable deliverables and then pricing those packages, with an emphasis on recurring revenue)
– How to become an industry leader (discussion of content and email marketing strategy as a way to earn trust as a thought leader)
– The productized toolkit (services that we used to run a lean and efficient operation)
– Pitfalls (mistakes that we made along the way including not developing a defined content strategy from the beginning, taking on a few clients even though there were red flags, underpricing, etc.)
– Why productized businesses are better acquisition targets
– Acquisition “gotchas” (tax and business entity considerations, and negotiation)


Sam is a big proponent of the productized mentality, having built a successful productized web design business (https://jurispage.com) that was acquired for 7 figures in 2016. He now teaches about the productized service business model (http://productized.com) and has a new business, Offsprout (https://offsprout.com), a website building platform built specifically for web design agencies who want to build and manage their client sites faster.


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