WordPress as a Non-Blogging WebApp Framework

SchoolTwist is a new SAAS student registration service (and marketplace) to help PTAs offer after-school enrichment classes. WordPress multisite serves as our backend and I’ll go over the challenges in using it for SchoolTwist, how I overcame those issues (hint: lots of custom plugins), and what I like to see from WordPress that would make it better suited for generic web-apps. Format: Short Walk-through of SchoolTwist SAAS product, followed by challenges encountered, tools used, and plugins created. I would hope to field a good number of discussion points about the choices made and possible alternative approaches.

JJ Rohrer is the indie developer behind School Twist – the after-school registration and class marketplace .  Prior to developing School Twist, JJ lived in Washington DC where he started Ascendly.  Ascendly teaches grade-school kids engineering through its after-school classes.  Ascendly is now in over 50 schools Washington  area schools. 
He brings a broad engineering background from his US Air Force Academy training and his MS in Computer Systems. After the Air Force, JJ performed simulation and process consulting, as well as being involved in several start-ups and small businesses.  While part of a pilot Carnegie-Mellon acquisition auditing team, his team was specifically referenced by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board as a model for NASA to emulate. JJ has an MBA from Harvard Business School.


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