Creating Customizable Widgets for Unpredictable Needs

Amanda Giles

Although your client may think they know what they want and where they want it – that’s bound to change. Learn how to develop your own customizable widgets so you can put the control into your client’s hands. In this session, we’ll review how to create your own widgets with options so that clients can add the features they want, change them, and move them around all on their own. 


I’m proud to say that I make my living working with WordPress – largely as a theme developer. I also founded the Seacoast NH WordPress meetup group which currently holds 2 meetups each month (one aimed at Users and one at Developers). What else? I’ve a passion for roller coasters, a propensity to sneeze loudly and often, and a prime number fetish. Need to know more? Just ask. Learn more at


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