Utility Plugins

Utility Plugins

Josh Fialkoff –

As more and more people make their own themes and customize off-the-shelf themes, we may be putting code in themes that goes far beyond design.There’s a better way to do this, so that changing your theme doesn’t break your site.The answer is utility plugins. We’ll show you how to set one up, what you can add to it, and how that will benefit your site.


Josh Fialkoff is the CEO and Founder of ForwardJump
Marketing, an online-marketing and Web-development
firm that specialized is helping companies sell advanced
products and services to sophisticated customers.
Josh is an online-marketing veteran with more than 15
years of broadcast, print and online communications
He started ForwardJump in 2010. Clients have ranged from Northeastern University to leading B2B companies, including Jordi Labs, Abel Womack and others, as well as Jewish nonprofits such as Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom,
March of the Living (New England), B’nai B’rith Housing and others.


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