Technical SEO for Developers

Technical SEO for Developers, Designers and Webmasters

Henry Visotski –

Presentation on technical SEO for WordPress developers, designers, webmasters, and content managers. None of that “content is king, keywords are everything, now go tweet” stuff. This presentation will be chock full of actionable tips, resources, techniques, best practices, and plugin info.

Some of the points to be addressed will include:

– General approach to technical SEO in relation to popular CMS’s like WordPress.
– Yoast, All In One, and when to use which; also, which features to use.
– Best practices: title and description tags.
– Meta tags no one thinks about but should be used.
– Robots.txt and WordPress: best practices, virtual vs actual robots file.
– XML sitemaps.
– Code injection plugins; direct injection vs Tag Manager.
– Plugins: Broken Link Checker; Redirection.
– Search console; Bing Webmaster tools.
– Metadata: plugins vs JSON via code injection; structured data testing tool.
– Open Graph and Twitter Cards.
– Hreflang: when to use; how to use; testing tool.
– Regex tools for IP Address exclusion in Google Analytics.
– Blogs and learning resources.

A 360-degree SEO, web development, analytics, PPC, and inbound marketing professional with extensive experience, adept at both strategy and implementation, who enjoys working with all types of businesses and organizations.

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