The Way to Theme Enlightenment

Amanda Giles

Stepping into theme development can be daunting. Sure anyone with a little PHP skill and a basic understanding of the loop can create theme templates, but there are a number of things you can learn which can take your theme development to the next level. We’ll discuss the skills that can take you from a beginner theme developer to a master.


Amanda Giles is WordPress Evangelist and Enthusiast who loves converting people to WordPress. She’s been developing websites since 1994 and has been building WordPress themes since 2009. She founded the Seacoast NH WordPress meetup in 2011. She works for herself and also as part of Spark Development. You can often locate Amanda by her loud sneezes and it’s likely because of these sneezes that she leads such a blessed life. Find her on Twitter @AmandaGilesNH or @SparkDevs


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