7 Ways to Turn Your Company Website Into a Lead Magnet

You have a great website — except, where are the customers? If your website is not generating leads for you, learn how to get more customers than ever with these simple hacks. We’ll look at the latest developments in mobile, SEO, and conversion optimization to help your business website get you leads. Whether you’re a freelance consultant or working for a small business, this practical session outlines 7 simple tweaks to bring in the traffic, get people to contact you, and generate business from your site.

About Christina

Christina Inge is the founder of Sleek Marketing University, Boston’s leading source of do-it-yourself marketing ideas and training for small businesses. Christina Inge is a digital marketing strategist with over 15 years’ experience. She’s helped a variety of organizations from Fortune 100 to nonprofits and startups hone their message and increase their conversions. Her areas of specialty include user experience, web analytics, and social media. She’s served as the VP of Social Media for AMA Boston, where she grew the online community to one of the largest for marketers in the US and is an adjunct professor of marketing at New England College of Business.

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