Tom Beach

WordPress websites and video for the web. You can find me on twitter @thatbeach.

Reiko Beach

Using WordPress for clients and self since 2008. Work with beginners and intermediate users helping then thru workshops and individually. You can find her on twitter @reikob

Mel Choyce

Mel Choyce is a Design Engineer at Automattic, WordPress core committer, and co-organizer for the Boston WordPress community. She loves big typography, cold brew coffee, and craft beer. You can find her on twitter @melchoyce.

Kelly Dwan

Kelly Dwan is a developer in Cambridge, MA. She works on the WooCommerce team at Automattic. In her spare time, Kelly develops themes and contributes to the WordPress project. She’s on Twitter at @ryelle.

Jim Reevior

Jim Reevior is a web developer for STAT, a medical and life sciences publication of Boston Globe Media Partners.  He is a longtime technology lover, computer whisperer, WordPress developer and contributor, and also dabbles in DevOps.  Linux is his operating system of choice, although he can speak Windows, OS X and even DOS on occasion.

Amy Kvistad

I am a graphic designer with 15 years of experience in web and print design. I design print ads, illustrations, marketing materials, and tradeshow graphics for large clients in the transportation planning/engineering, air service, and hotel industries. I design and code websites, and create illustrations for small businesses and individuals.

Duane Mitchell

Duane Mitchell has been a technology consultant in the Boston area for over 20 years. His career has run from graphics, publishing, database, accounting, workflow automation, and traditional IT tasks such as networking and security. His focus in recent years is on open source solutions to business issues such as digital asset management, website development, database development, application development, and the integration of these solutions “in the cloud” for group collaboration.

K.Adam White

K. Adam White is a JavaScript engineer at Bocoup, an Open Web technology company in Boston, Massachusetts, where he writes web applications, contributes to open-source projects, and evangelizes for the web as an open platform for technology and collaboration. An artist and enthusiast photographer, K.Adam is also a WordPress core contributor, a co-organizer of the Boston WordPress community, and the author of a Node.js client for the WordPrest REST API.

Hirva Patel

I am a Digital Marketer. Critical thinking and emotional intelligence are my core assets when it comes to forming a long tern strategy or crafting a custom digital marketing campaign. I understand user needs, wants and desires to take action accordingly. I vigorously follow social media trends. I also love cold beer, traveling and a day at spa.