Building a Successful Code Review Culture

Jonathan Desrosiers – A code review process has lots of benefits. In addition to the many technical and organizational benefits, there are also invaluable opportunities to set team members up to grow and succeed when an effective code review culture is adopted by everyone. While working at Boston University’s Interactive Design department, Jonathan helped create […]

Using Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity Forms to Collect Data in WordPress

JJ Rohrer – Description: This presentation will go over the fundamentals of how to use Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF) and Gravity Forms to collect data on your website. These techniques can be used to collect data from your visitors, register new users, and enhance your admin settings pages. We’ll advance through how ACF and […]

Mastering Website Behavioral Analysis

Tom Shapiro – Many WordPress designers, developers, and site owners rely on Google Analytics for insights into their site visitors. The problem is that GA provides you with only half of the story, such as traffic source, number of visitors, page views, etc. To uncover deeper insights, turn to behavioral analytics. Specifically, what are your […]

Easy Steps for Social Integration with WordPress

Ed Perry – This presentation will discuss various options and techniques for the integration of social media into your WordPress websites. Most of the techniques discussed will leverage plugins and require very little coding knowledge. Topics covered include social share and following, social logins and comments, social broadcasting, social paywalls, and even how to create […]

Securing Your Website with SSL

Amanda Giles – Web Security is an increasingly hot topic. Google has long said they will give preferences to sites with SSL certificates and soon in Chrome they will mark all sites without SSL certificates as “Insecure”. We’ll go over the steps to secure your website using a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt ( […]


Jonathan Desrosiers [standing in for John Eckman] Hopefully by June 25th the avalanche of privacy policy update emails will have slowed, and the initial panic over the May 25th GDPR deadline will have subsided, or at least returned to the quiet desperation of most legal compliance issues. If you’re like most people, though, you’ll still […]

Writing Your First WordPress Plugin

Nitin Patil – – WordPress Plugin Development Overview– Coming up with plugin idea– Code development– Unit testing– Plugin Submission– Best Practices & Resources Bio A technology enthusiast and an entrepreneur with several years of experience in designing and implementing solutions in the areas of Cloud Computing, web and mobile applications. As someone who believes in […]