Implementing and Understanding Google Search Console for WordPress

Ed Perry – Google Search Console can be a very powerful tool, alerting you to a number of issues that can occur with your website. We’ll discuss how to implement search console and verify your site, as well as how to connect GSC to Google Analytics and other Google Marketing Platform products for data sharing […]

Implementing Google Analytics

Implementing and Understanding Google Analytics for WordPress

Ed Perry – In this talk, we will take a look at a quick overview of the Google Marketing platform and then look specifically at the Google Analytics tool and how it can be used to help understand how users interact with your WordPress sites. We’re do a quick into to implementing Google Analytics using […]

Client Conversations

Client Conversations That Create Successful Projects

Nancy O’Keefe – Have you ever had a sales conversation, needs discover session or a project management meeting go off the rails? The quality of your conversations is the most important factor in building the working relationships you need to be successful. In this talk, learn the 3 types of conversations and the brain science […]

Caching Checks

Jonathan Desrosiers – Performance is something at the forefront of every site owner’s mind. A slow site will always scare off impatient users and customers. But how can you make your site faster without adding hardware? The answer: caching. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into the different types of caching and how they […]

Helpful Tools for Your WordPress Website

Ken Gagne – WordPress makes hosting a website easy—but there’s a lot more to website management than the CMS! From finding a domain name to troubleshooting a slow page to creating attractive social media posts, these 25 free, online tools will complete your toolkit, equipping you to solve any problem in and around your site […]

High-Performance Database Queries in WordPress

Matthew Boynes – What makes a database query fast or slow? Are WP_Query’s taxonomy queries fast? What about meta queries? In this talk, we’ll dig into the WordPress database schema, talk about what factors influence query performance, and learn how to sniff out potential performance problems before they ever give you a headache. Next, we’ll […]

Building a Successful Code Review Culture

Jonathan Desrosiers – A code review process has lots of benefits. In addition to the many technical and organizational benefits, there are also invaluable opportunities to set team members up to grow and succeed when an effective code review culture is adopted by everyone. While working at Boston University’s Interactive Design department, Jonathan helped create […]

Using Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity Forms to Collect Data in WordPress

JJ Rohrer – Description: This presentation will go over the fundamentals of how to use Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF) and Gravity Forms to collect data on your website. These techniques can be used to collect data from your visitors, register new users, and enhance your admin settings pages. We’ll advance through how ACF and […]