Coding Standards an Best Practices !important;

Jonathan Desrosiers — Code can be a beautiful symphony, but it can also be a complete nightmare. The experience of hopping into someone else’s code can sometimes resemble trying to read their mind. Best practices & coding standards are here to help. Utilizing these standards allows you to take advantage of many benefits (including saving […]

Magnetic Headlines That Get More Clicks

Tom Shapiro — Out of every ten visitors to your blog, eight will read the headline yet only two will read the actual post itself. Learn to turn these numbers around through the crafting of can’t-miss headlines that drive clicks. Uncover ways to communicate more effectively through your headlines to the subconscious mind of your […]

Introducing Mesh & Releasing Your First Plugin on

Aaron Ware Mesh is yet another page builder, but simplified. Get the most flexibility to display content by adding multiple content sections within Pages, Posts, or Custom Post Types. Efficient and unobtrusive, Mesh was designed to simply extend the functionality of the normal page editor within WordPress to provide the flexibility of building pages in […]

Design from the Content Out

John Eckman “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” – Jeffrey Zeldman We’ve all heard that content is king, yet when it comes to designing web experiences we’re still stuck with lorem ipsum and placeholder images, as though the real content didn’t matter. We’re still designing web experiences […]

Good Design: The Gateway to a Better Business

Mel Choyce Good design is an expectation in today’s business landscape, but not everyone has access to an experienced designer. With a few tips and tricks, anyone can make a clean website or product that looks professional. Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, or a jack-of-all trades, you’ll be able to pick up some rudimentary […]

What’s a CDN, and How to Use it With WordPress

Dan Zuzevich We will talk basics about CDNs, how/why it’s important, and then walk through a setup of Cloudflare and configure with w3 total cache. Bio Dan Zuzevich is the founder and head SEO analyst at the new Boston based company Dizzy Cat. Educated in Computer Networking & Security from the UMass Boston College of […]