Windows 10 for WordPress Development

Windows 10 for WordPress Development

Dave Ross – I noticed something funny the other day. My favorite coffee shop is always full of freelancers, developers, and writers. There’s been fewer glowing white fruit logos lately, replaced by the thin slabs of Microsoft flagship tablets. Developers are noticing how capably Windows 10 meets the demands of modern web development and how […]

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Building a Productized Design Agency that was Acquired for 7 Figures

Sam Brodie – This will be a business-oriented talk where I will cover the following topics: – What is productizing? (And why productizing is key for design agencies) – Why you should choose a niche (discussion of the marketing, SEO, and sales benefits of choosing a niche) – How to narrow your offering (discussion of […]

HTTPS Migration

HTTPS Migration – You Can Do It and This is Why

Amy Kvistad – HTTPS secure websites will be more important than ever in 2017. WordPress announced a push towards SSL for all websites. Google favors HTTPS sites in search and browsers will be labeling non-secure sites. Fortunately, it is free and easier than ever to secure your website.This talk will highlight the benefits of HTTPS […]

WordPress Migrations

WordPress Migrations – Beginner to Advanced

Jon Rodriguez Does the thought of moving you site make you anxious or are you just curious about best practices? Join us for a comprehensive walk through on everything involved in moving a WordPress site from point A to point B. Here is a link to Jon’s slides and migration flowcharts: Bio Jon […]