WP Media Library - The Road to World Domination

WP Media Library – The Road to World Domination

Jonathan Williams – What is the difference between a Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM)? Do people use WordPress for digital asset management? This talk explores ways in which the existing WordPress media library might be improved and extended to take on broader asset management challenges. Bio Jonathan Williams is an interactive […]

Unleashing the Power of Jetpack in WordPress

Bindu Dadlani – How a non-tech person leverages the power of Jetpack and WordPress happiness engineers support team to take a site from an old slow user interface to a new re-themed, responsive, mobile friendly, secure, SEO, backed up and faster site. Protection, spam filtering, back ups, image performance, downtime monitoring, awesome plugins, stats, security […]

Bostonwp June Meetup

Boston University – Colloquium Room 8 St. Mary’s Street, 9th floor Boston, MA Agenda • 6:30: Networking & Pizza • 7:00: Presentations Presentation 1: Utility Plugins Josh Fialkoff As more and more people make their own themes and customize off-the-shelf themes, we may be putting code in themes that goes far beyond design.There’s a better […]

Technical SEO for Developers

Technical SEO for Developers, Designers and Webmasters

Henry Visotski – Presentation on technical SEO for WordPress developers, designers, webmasters, and content managers. None of that “content is king, keywords are everything, now go tweet” stuff. This presentation will be chock full of actionable tips, resources, techniques, best practices, and plugin info. Some of the points to be addressed will include: – General […]

Mucking Around with Data

Mucking Around with Data Using WP_Query

Jim Reevior – WP_Query is a crucial piece of WordPress. It pulls content from the database in order to display on the site. Knowing this powerful class allows developers to manipulate content within themes and plugins. But, with great power comes great responsibility. Jim will show how he has used WP_Query within the themes and […]

Windows 10 for WordPress Development

Windows 10 for WordPress Development

Dave Ross – I noticed something funny the other day. My favorite coffee shop is always full of freelancers, developers, and writers. There’s been fewer glowing white fruit logos lately, replaced by the thin slabs of Microsoft flagship tablets. Developers are noticing how capably Windows 10 meets the demands of modern web development and how […]

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Building a Productized Design Agency that was Acquired for 7 Figures

Sam Brodie – This will be a business-oriented talk where I will cover the following topics: – What is productizing? (And why productizing is key for design agencies) – Why you should choose a niche (discussion of the marketing, SEO, and sales benefits of choosing a niche) – How to narrow your offering (discussion of […]